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«An organization of the time with a wonderful story.»

Here you can read more about our organization and how to get in touch with us.

Most legal societies originate in a movement, a person or a people's body from the past, who has something to say to us today. Maat or Ma'at, which we call her, was a goddess of Egyptian origin. It's on the stories about her Ma'at Lodge's teachings are built.

Our meeting nights consist partly of a ritual part of a social gathering with brothers meal andt, where we can meet men and women of different ages, with different professions and experiences. The two parts together give us relaxation from everyday life, increased knowledge of other people's terms and a warm community and security.

What happens during a ritual meeting?

This is the only thing that we do not want to tell us in advance. It should be experienced. The picture may otherwise be incomplete and may be misunderstood.

How do you become a member of Ma'at Lodge Nr 11?

To be taken in a lodge is formally required to be recommended by a freemason. However, if you would like more information, please contact us at our mailing address,




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Box 12007 - 102 21 STOCKHOLM 

+46 76 282 66 45