CLIPSAS 2018 - Barcelona

The Grand Orient of Catalonia will host the next General Assembly of CLIPSAS, which will take place in Barcelona from May 23 to 27, 2018


The CLIPSAS was founded on January 22, 1961, at the initiative of the Grand Orient of France and of Eleven Sovereign Masonic Powers which, face to the increasing intransigence of certain obediences, combined to call upon all the Freemasons to be bring together, respecting their sovereignty, their beliefs, their rites and their symbols, for a genuine and indissoluble Universal Union Chain. 

The CLIPSAS is an association registered in the prefecture of Paris, according to the French Law of Associations Recognized promulgated on July 1, 1901. 

The CLIPSAS is an International Association of Liberal Freemasonry. By adhering to the ethics proposed by the founding members, we are proud to submit our fidelity only to the message of tolerance, fraternity and union. 

The purpose of the CLIPSAS is to put together the Freemasons and the Masons who consider that the great victory of humanity over itself consists in the ABSOLUTE FREEDOM OF CONSCIENCE. 

Towards the advance of the recognition of Absolute Freedom of Conscience (including freedom of association by definition) and towards the reconciliation of the different metaphysical concepts of Freemasonry, CLIPSAS members Lodges are free to open their works using or not the Bible and to place them or not under the aegis of the Great Architect of the Universe. 

The CLIPSAS is the center of the Fraternal Union of Freemasons who consider that freedom of conscience is the great victory of humanity over itself and that, far from being a reason for disunity, this freedom leads to bring down all the barriers, thanks to the free confrontation of ideas. By surpassing the limitations of fraternal relationships, CLIPSAS’s obediences saw the need to jointly undertake studies on the problems that determine the future of man. To this end, the CLIPSAS organizes an annual Symposium to examine the questions posed in the modern world, which questions have been at the centre of the discussions in the member obediences throughout the year. 

These meetings of Freemasons from different countries and cultures lead to very positive results. The Annual General Meeting is the supreme organ of the CLIPSAS. It is made up of duly mandated representatives, usually the Grand Masters. All Freemasons and female Masons, including apprentices, may be part of the Assembly.