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«Tools used by the operating masons.»

We are certainly an ancient Order, but made up of human persons who will always be in their Epoch, in their Time and in their Moment, fulfilling as humble Workers, the work of achieving the Happiness of Humanity.

That update, is only given by a constant work, where unquestionably, the teaching of morality makes it possible, that we open the doors to the investigation of the Truth, perfecting ourselves in the Supreme Art of Thought.

That is, the Real Art, through Knowledge based on accuracy, aided by work and being effective by Perseverance, with the sure intention of overcoming all difficulties, extinguishes the darkness that ignorance gives us and distributes happiness in the Life path.

Masonry or Freemasonry is an initiatory, philosophical and philanthropic institution that works for the moral, intellectual and material progress of humanity that proposes a symbolic route.

The three pillars of Masonry are: freedom, equality and fraternity.

A purpose

The intellectual and moral progress of humanity through the self-improvement of each person.

A method of intellectual work

Called Symbolism, structured throughout the ages.

A method of interpersonal relationship

Based on the Rite, also formed throughout the times.

An ethic

That is enclosed in the famous Masonic emblem: FREEDOM, EQUALITY, FRATERNITY.

Freemasonry is a universal institution, scattered throughout the world, essentially ethical, philosophical and initiatory, whose fundamental structure is constituted by an educational system, traditional and symbolic.

It is based on the practice of fraternity and constitutes a center of unity for people of free spirit of all races, all nationalities and all beliefs.


Freemasonry is the science of life in a society of men, as signs, symbols and ceremonies, which are based on a system of morality and purpose and perfection of the individual and humanity ...

GF Moore

As an educational institution, its purpose is the improvement of the person in the environment where he lives and coexists, and of all Humanity.

Promotes among its members the constant search for the truth, the knowledge of oneself and of human nature in order to achieve the universal brotherhood of the human race.

Through its members, it projects onto human society the benevolent action of the values ​​and ideals that it sustains. It is not a sect nor is it a party.

Within the lodges, no cult is professed or any revealed truth propagated. Masonic teaching is not based on metaphysics and starts from the principle that there are no absolute truths. On the contrary, in the boxes the virtue of tolerance is exalted and every dogmatic affirmation and fanaticism is rejected.

Freemasonry away from its boxes the discussions of partisan politics and any religious sectarianism.

Freemasonry, then, does not impose on its members any metaphysical belief. It strives, on the contrary, to develop a critical spirit and free will. The absolute freedom of conscience and of thought is the rule within the lodge, so that the precept is affirmed a free Mason in a free lodge.

Never an authentic Mason renounces any of his rights or any of his convictions. This freedom of intransigent conscience is linked, however, with the mutual tolerance that allows any confrontation of ideas within the respect of the opinions of each one. For the Mason or Mason, tolerance implies assuming and respecting his brothers as they are, including divergences of opinion.

Freemasonry supports the postulates of freedom, equality and fraternity and, consequently, advocates social justice and combats privileges and intolerance, but without elaborating or defining any concrete formula to cure these great evils of humanity.

This leaves it to the conscience and the performance of each Mason in society.

Freemasonry is not a secret society either. Their responsible positions and their addresses are public knowledge. It keeps certain reservations, as do many other institutions.

This reserve obeys above all to the requirements of the same Masonic method, which asks to leave for a moment the noise and noise of the world and enter a climate of serenity and inner and collective tranquility where time and space acquire other dimensions depending on others parameters.


Source: Gran Orient de Catalunya

Freemansonry in the world

In the whole world there are between five and six million freemasons. The major wages in the different countries are nationally independent.