Founded on April 12, 2008

Ma'at masonic Lodge Nº 11

Stockholm Sweden

An old and prestigious institution

What is



The Ma'at Masonic Lodge Nº 11 works under the auspices of the Grand Orient of Catalonia  G. ·. O.·. C. ·. in the A. ·. A. ·. S. ·. R. ·. – Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. Where one of its main objectives consists of the personal development of its members and the social projection of the ideals of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity and Secularism, its mission is to combat ignorance in all its forms and constitutes a school of mutual teaching.

Located in Stockholm, the Ma'at Masonic Lodge No. 11 constitutes a mixed obedience, without any limitation. In its bosom, men and women can be indistinctly accepted, maintaining ties of friendship and recognition with all the respectable lodges of the world. With them he shares the ancient principles of the universal Masonic Fraternity.

The Ma'at Masonic Lodge No. 11 of Stockholm is formed as an initiatory order where, without dogmatism, it is possible to seek and build values, to give a true meaning to the rational investigation of the human being in a pure context of fraternity and solidarity.

Our lodge is open to all those who, within the most absolute respect for particular beliefs, make of knowledge a principle of search, analysis and debate, for the construction of a universal ethics.

The entry into Freemasonry is based on a free, individual and responsible decision.

  G.·. O.·. C.·.
Gran Orient de Catalunya

The Grand Orient of Catalonia ...

It was founded in 1989, it is the first sovereign masonic power of the liberal and adogmatic cut of the Catalan nation.

  About us?
¿Sabías que ciertamente que la masonería es una antigua Orden?

Did you know that Freemasonry is certainly an old Order? ...

 Yes, we are an Order made up of human persons who will always be in their Epoch, in their Time and in their Moment.

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Do you want to be a freemason?

If he perseveres in his will to be Initiate freemason ...

"He must knock on the doors of the Temple" ... Calling is the first step. Obviously, before one has read, reflected, sought, and believes to meet the conditions required to enter.